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Childhood Cancer Facts

Every 2 minutes a child

is diagnosed with cancer.

Every year, an estimated of 250,000 new cases of cancer affect children under the age of 20 worldwide

In 80% of kids, the cancer has already spread to other areas of the body by the time it is diagnosed

sponsor a package

During this past year we have been able to send packages to little warriors from USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, but its always possible with the help of amazing people from all over the world. if you would like to sponsor a package for a local warrior, you can make your donation to my GoFundMe and if you would like to make one for a kid from your country, you can send me an email or direct message and i will get you all the information. Thank you all

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raise awareness

Another great way to help is spreading awareness. We need to tell the world that Kids Get Cancer Too, they need to know the reality of childhood cancer. Today, please learn a little more about it, know the statistics and share some of them with your family and friends

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